The CASH UI Tools are a collection of JavaScript, CSS, and ActionScript resources. Each component can stand alone, but they all work together through a UI daemon (cashuid.) If you haven't already, you can download everything at github.

current version: 0.9
The 1.0 release will contain some structural changes, but will be released shortly after 0.9 — currently scheduled for February 1, 2010 — from there all changes will be backwards compatible.


All objects are documented via comments, with details on all options, functions, and CSS hooks. Full documentation for all CASH UI Tools coming with 1.0 release.


01. moviebox

The moviebox component automatically scans the page for links to YouTube, Quicktime movies, Vimeo, and MyspaceTV; parsing the embedable movie from the target page and displaying it in an overlay lightbox. (This behavior can be overridden and movies can be added manually.) Click each thumbnail to see examples.

YouTube, default settings.
Link to Quicktime .mov, custom size.
Vimeo, custom size.
MyspaceTV, default settings.

02. imagebox

The imagebox component displays an image or collection of images in an overlay lightbox. Simply adding the cui_imagebox class to an image link will fetch the target for display. That same cui_imagebox class will create a collection when added to an element containing multiple image links. Images will scale to fit the window and smoothly adjust the lightbox when changing sizes. The link title is used to create a caption, and further options can be specified in the link's rev option.

portugal the man
A single image.
scaling imagebox Lushlife: Cassette City
Oversized images will scale.
deerhoof deerhoof deerhoof deerhoof deerhoof deerhoof deerhoof deerhoof deerhoof deerhoof
A <div> full of thumbs/images creating a collection.

03. anchor enhancements

The anchor enhancements add minor functionality to links simply by adding classes or basic options: an external link opening in a new tab/window, a popup of a specified size, an open/close link to slide open a <div> "drawer," and basic XHR requests to fetch local content into a specific element.

sliding drawer (click to open)
drawer test passed
linkinside anchor
targeted linkinside anchor

The linkinside behavior relies on XHR calls, so will not work if this demo is opened from a local file.

04. soundplayer

The soundplayer is a fully style-able event-driven audio player that uses Flash/Flex to provide audio playback but standard DOM elements for interface. Because it relies on a SWF, soundplayer will not work if this demo is opened from a local file.